Haiti – Social: Visit of Prime Minister Evans Paul at Daniel Darius parents aka Fantom


Evans Paul with mother, brother of Fantom their residence in the Street NicolasOn Thursday, Prime Minister Evans Paul visited Darius Daniel’s parents, aka Fantom, one of the singers featured on the group tends Rap, Barikad crew, victim of electrocution while he was performing at the 2nd night of carnival parade.

The Prime Minister Evans Paul indicated that he intended to demonstrate solidarity with his team at the site of the relatives of Fantom which, he said, is not the most affected by this tragedy.

He said that everything will be in place to ensure that the artist Fantom, which is always treated in hospital, receives the care that his case requires, adding that other victims will also benefit from the support of Haitian state.

The children of the people who have died will be helped to continue their education, said Prime Minister Evans Paul, recalling that the official and collective funerals were held this Saturday at the Champ de Mars.

The elder brother of Fantom, David Fran├žois Darius said on the occasion that his little brother complains of pain in the head and feared that he prematurely terminated his career.

The Fantom artist will soon travel to medical care.

AHP/ HaitiNews509


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