Haiti – Elections: The mandataries have voted several times according the observation of RNDDH


Members of Polling StationIn total, the provisional electoral council has distributed 915,675 accreditations to political parties on the printed 917,068. This high number of issued mandates is higher than the number of voters, considering the approximate rate of participation (30%) mentioned by national and international organizations that observed the election on Sunday, October 25. While the mandataries were in numerical superiority to voters, some have voted several times, according to the observation of RNDDH and other organizations.

According to the executive director of the National Network for the Defence of Human Rights (RNDDH), extensive fraud operations have been orchestrated by political parties through their representatives who have voted more than once.

Add to this, pursuit Pierre Espérance, observers also voted several times.

This was done in perfect complicity with members of Polling Station (MBV), says the human rights defender.

“The cans organizations who wanted to observe the elections requested of the CEP 6 to 7,000 observation cards,” lamented Pierre Espérance that screams a scandal, saying that an organization can not mobilize all its observers.

Furthermore, the executive director of RNDDH found that the CEP has taken the side of those acts of fraud for having issued warrants to political parties outside which says the electoral decree.

“To receive mandates, agents had to present to the CEP their national identification card. This was not done,” lamented Mr. Espérance.

Note that according to some political parties whose OPL, Renmen Ayiti, Konviksyon, operations of fraud and ballot stuffing were committed in favor of the presidential candidate, Jovenel Moise.



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