Haiti – Politic: Departure Incentive, 2.5 million gourdes by Minister of Government Martelly-Paul


GourdesAccording to the presidential decree # 193, published in the official newspaper Le Moniteur granting privileges to certain dignitaries of the Haitian State, it is mentioned an exemption of separation from service of 2.5 million gourdes to each of the 25 ministers of the government of Evans Paul, and 2 million gourdes to each of the 15 secretaries of state.

According to calculations the agency HPN, the current government has a Prime Minister, 21 Ministers and 3 Secretaries General to the rank of Minister. If each of his personalities receive 2.5 million Gourdes, this will make a total of 62.5 Million gourdes (about 1.2 million US dollars).

The secretaries of state, of which there are 15, will receive 2 million gourdes each. What will make a total of 30 million gourdes (560,000 US dollars).

In total, in charge of service exemptions, the Haitian government will pay 92.5 Million Gourdes (Either 1.7 million US dollars) to its former dignitaries.

Senator Steven Benoit, presidential candidate, has stepped into the breach to denounce the presidential decree published October 8, 2015 in Le Moniteur, amending that of 23 November 2005 dealing with service exemptions to former dignitaries of the state.

Read the publication in the Journal le Moniteur:

[gview file=”http://www.haitinews509.net/files/2015/10/Le-Moniteur-193.pdf” height=”500px” width=”100%” save=”1″]

HPN/ HaitiNews509


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