Haiti – Elections: 8 presidential candidates to denounce the massive frauds


8 candidatesSauveur Pierre Etienne, Moise Jean-Charles, Jude Celestin, Jean-Henry Ceant, Steeven I. Benoit, Charles Henry Baker, Eric Jean-Baptiste and Samuel Madistin signed jointly a note to report cases of massive frauds in the elections on 25 October. They also called for the formation of an independent commission of inquiry to identify those cases of fraud and to make recommendations.


We, the signatories of this, presidential candidates involved in the electoral process leading to the installation of the new President elected on Feb. 7, 2016:

  • having found that the election day on October 25, 2015 resulted in cases of massive frauds affecting the integrity of the election; which, in such conditions, unless something is done in terms of treatment of the vote, would make unacceptable the alleged results of these games;
  • aware of the danger incurs the nation and the urgent need to do everything to save the threatened country;
  • decide, without divest our respective ideological positions and policies, to ask the CEP, prior to the publication of the results of the elections of October 25, 2015, due to numerous cases of irregularities and massive fraud that marked the elections, training, this time, an independent commission of inquiry composed of five members appointed by credible sectors: media Association, under the supervision of ANMH the human rights sector, under the auspices of POHDH, organizations women, under the direction of SOFA, the University, supervised by the Rector of the State University of Haiti and the group of national observers of the election, under the control of JILAP.

This Commission has the right of access to the tabulation center or other appropriate place, will be to:

a) to clean up the voting process by analyzing the partial electoral lists (LEP), lists of annotating, counting sheets, records and complaints to detect cases of fraud;

b) to identify and recommend the exclusion process as fraudsters and recipients proven cases of fraud;

c) to recommend any measures considered appropriate to restore confidence and ensure the necessary transparency for the continuation of the electoral process.

The committee, which may be assisted credible and impartial experts should fulfill its historic mission within a period not exceeding fifteen calendar days.

Election observers, political parties or candidates for the Presidency will observe the work of the commission.

On their conscience and concern for the future of the country, the signatories hope that urgent action be taken on this.

The signatures follow:

  • Jean-Henry CEANT
  • Charles Henry BAKER
  • Samuel MADISTIN
  • Sauveur Pierre ETIENNE
  • Steeven I. BENOIT


8 candidates









Port-au-Prince, November 3, 2015

HPN/ HaitiNews509



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