Haiti – OAVCT / Claims: Blaise orders resumption of activities


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OAVCTAfter almost a week of high tensions between demonstrations and burials at the OAVCT (Contra-Tier Vehicle Insurance Office), Director General Elie Blaise, challenged by the employees, told directors and managers of all services The necessary arrangements to operate their respective departments and services, he wrote, through an internal circular.

Mr. Blaise, Director of the OAVCT who believes that it is his duty to continue serving the clientele of the organization he runs, is asking employees to return to their jobs as soon as possible.

However, this circular did not mention any dialogue between the general management and the protesting employees blaming Elie Blaise on the microphone of the press, its laxity and its inability to ensure sound management at the head of the insurance office of vehicles in Haiti (OAVCT). Mr. Blaise, a former parliamentarian, is also accused of recruiting employees under clientelism.

This post is also available in: frFrançais (French)


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