Haiti – FLASH: Haiti no longer part of the blacklist of shame


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On Tuesday, the State Department issued its report for 2016, which assesses the extent to which countries meet standards to combat trafficking in persons and slavery in the world.

The United States has updated its “blacklist” of countries do not meet minimum standards or do not do enough to fight this scourge.

In its annual report on trafficking in human beings, the US State Department places China among the 23 countries on the planet that “do not make significant efforts” to combat human trafficking, says Agence France Press.

Good news Haiti was removed from this blacklist of shame where it had been listed for the year 2015, in the report released last year.

This first report of the Donald Trump administration thus places China on the blacklist of human trafficking, at the same level as Syria, North Korea or Venezuela, in spite of the notable rapprochement brought about by the American president With Beijing.

This post is also available in: frFrançais (French)


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