Haiti – Politic: Jovenel Moise reiterates promise of electricity 24/24


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Jovenel MoiseThe Head of State, Jovenel Moise, in the afternoon of Saturday, June 24, at the end of the celebration of St John the Baptist, in Trou-du-Nord, renewed his promise to work so that, In the next two years, the country will be supplied with electricity 24 hours a day.

Recall that Head of State Jovenel Moise had already made this promise in front of the Diaspora in Florida on 18 June last when he had explained his intention to realize in the next 18 to 24 months a genuine electricity network in Haiti comprising 600 km of network Interconnected to the 16 major cities and 10 departments and 4,100 km of medium voltage network across the country. In addition, Haiti’s energy needs are more than 1,000 megawatts while the installed capacity and power delivered do not exceed 280 Mw (some experts estimate between 150 and 180 MW). In order to achieve this, he mentions a commercial concession within the framework of a public / private partnership for the construction of this national network and the new production capacities, without specifying the costs or on which potential partners this promise rests…

On the other hand, he says he expects to work with companies capable of generating large amounts of electricity to keep the price per kilowatt hour to about 16 cents (against 24 to 25 cents at the moment), a price that will play, A role of locomotive in the revival of the national economy.

Yet he will have to convince its partners that Haitian consumers will pay their bills, while the state, promoter of this project, a bad example, with a total debt of unpaid bills in the amount of 5 billion gourdes to the ED’H, according to statements of Hervé Pierre Louis, CEO of Electricity of Haiti on 22 June last before the Commission Mining and Energy of the lower House.

On their side, Haiti’s international partners are following the promises of the Head of State with some caution and a lack of understanding, particularly in the energy sector. Several experts, in addition to the financial dimension, describe as impossible the realization of such a network and the multiplication of production capacity by 3 within a period of 18 to 24 months, evoking at least a period of 5 to 7 years.

Accordingly, President Jovenel Moise promises to continue his intensive struggle against corruption, which has been aggravating the state apparatus for ages and hindering the distribution of services to the population. In this context, the Head of State calls on citizens to pay their tax revenues in order to contribute to the actions of the State to put the country on the path of sustainable development.

This post is also available in: frFrançais (French)


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