Haiti – Security: 2 suspected rapists captured by PNH in Pétion-ville


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Two of the alleged perpetrators of the gang rape on the young girl in Petion-Ville (Deshemites, Philippeau) were caught this morning by agents of the Haiti National Police.

According to information gathered by collaborators, it would be Remy Luckenson (Sonsonn) and Emile Jean Wisky.

Emile Jean Wisky is accused of rape and criminal association for having planned and realized last December, with four accomplices, a gang rape on a minor of 16 years in Philippeau, one of the districts of the town of Pétion-Ville.

These criminals also filmed the scene and made the mistake of publishing the video on social networks. Having become viral, sextape has inflamed the web and revolted the conscience of Internet users while bringing parents to file complaint and authorities to act in a celerine manner.

The Haitian police are still actively seeking the other bandits, including René Rony, for the same charges. Commissioner Monélus announced the continuation of operations with the support of several units of the PNH.

A hundred individuals have already been arrested in connection with these police interventions aimed at guaranteeing the security of the commune of Petion-ville, the official said.

This post is also available in: frFrançais (French)


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